Pellet stove Kayla

Pellet Stove Kayla is the perfect source of heat for home and has many advantages over other heating methods:

  1. Environmentally friendly solution. The pellets are made of sawdust, scrap and other wood products. They burn efficiently and produce lower amounts of smoke and ashes. Pellets are a renewable source of fuel and have far less impact on the greenhouse effect than fossil fuels.
  2. Profitability. Pellet stoves is an economical solution for heating. The heat is transmitted through cozy convection, and the cost of the pellets is much lower than you would pay for oil, gas or electricity for such quality and quantity of heat.
  3. Easy installation, operation and use.
  4. The pellet stove is built with the thought of comfort, warmth, safety and technological aesthetics all in one.

Pellet burning home heating in two options named Kayla: Base model pellet stove and Water jacket pellet stove



Technical information

Indicators Data
Minimal power in kW 2.4
Maximum power in kW 9.5
Overall Dimension (L x P x H) mm 575 x 525 x 1000
Weight (kg) 91
Efficiency at maximal power (in %) 92
Efficiency at minimal power (in %) 94
Glass dimension ( L/H ) mm 253 х 360
Smoke exit position Up
Chimney (mm) 80
Finishing materials / thickness (mm) Steel, 1,2 mm
Materials of combustion chamber Cast Iron and steel, 3 mm
Type of cast iron Gray Cast iron
Thickness of cast iron (mm) From 5 to 12
Gasket sealing materials ISO GLASS
Glass resistance and type Ceramic 750°C
Surface coating Heat resistance to 600°C
Type of door Steel
Type of handle Steel
Fuel type / diameter in mm. / length, mm. Wood pellets / 6-8 / 5-30
Pellet consumption in minimum power mode, kg / h 0,6
Pellet consumption in maximum power mode, kg / h 2,0
Working time with full tank, h. Up to 20 Hours
Nominal electrical power (EN 60335-1) (W) 80
Power supply and frequency (Volt / Hz) 230 / 50
Minimum distance to adjacent materials: rear / side / front / down (mm) 200 / 200 / 800
Depression chimney required 10 Pa
Standard EN 14785 – 2006

Product Benefits

  • Easy color change concept
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Functionality
  • Eco-friendly solution


  • 3 years warranty
  • Hand welded seams and assemblies
  • Cast iron foundry into the Gerkand factory
  • Business and individual high value service

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