“Easy colour change” by Gerkand

Stoves with interchangeable sides

Revolutionary concept

“Easy color change” is an innovative system of interchangeable plates, applied to Gerkand wood stoves. It will bring modern style and design to your interior and will meet all your color preferences. “Easy color change” is a collection of wood stoves with interchangeable sides. Everything is made by hand from specially selected, high quality materials. “Easy color change” technology allows your stove to be different. It can be customized in color at the time of need to change your interior. So instead of buying a new stove for heating with solid fuel, you can simply change the color of the body, and you can choose between 7 colors.

A plus to your interior!

Now you can change the color of your stove as desired, according to the seasons or according to your interior. For example, if you decide to change the decoration, furniture or color of your interior, the Gerkand “Easy color change” stove will be able to follow this change. It will fit perfectly into your new interior thanks to the possibility to choose the color you need! The new color will allow the vision of the room to be discreet or to become a masterpiece of your decoration and decorate it.

How to change the color of your stove?

In just a few minutes the stove will look different and adapt to your wishes. No need for professional intervention because you can do it yourself.

Quick, easy and convenient!

The installation will take about 30 minutes. Just unscrew the fixing screws that hold the plates to the stove, then put them back to secure the new plate.

"Easy colour change" wood stoves models:

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