About Gerkand Ltd.

Many years of qualified experience in manufacturing quality, safety, efficiency and aesthetics in heating.

Heating with history

Gerkand Ltd is one of the largest producers of wood burning fireplace type stoves, fireboxes and barbecues. The company is also one of the leading fireplace manufacturers in Bulgaria. We design and construct fireplaces from natural and decorative matters in order to create unique comfort for your home.

The proven long-standing experience of our specialists, planners, designers and installers is a guarantee of quality and good performance. The rich collection of GERKAND heating appliances includes fireplaces, built-in fireboxes, wood stoves and barbecues.Gerkand Ltd is constantly working to create and update new models of its unique products. 

We transform your perception of warmth...

Heating products GERKAND have typical clean design, efficiency, functionality, high quality materials, precise workmanship and, last but not least, competitive prices that meet the quality requirements.

Technological know-how

The company’s internal system for production control of Gerkand Ltd guarantees the achievement of optimal product quality every time and for every interior purpose.

® Own cast-iron foundry

Over the past 28 years, our engineers have been able to develop a range of products with high performance and wider accessibility. Our cast-iron foundry allows us to control the quality and design at any moment.

To meet the expectations of every style, we not only improve the wide range of heating products, but also created the revolutionary concept “Easy Color Change” by Gerkand, which lets each of you to change the look of your stove yourself, depending on changes in the interior – from classic to modern.

Services and products that fascinate!

Confident in the quality of their products, Gerkand’s team offers a 3-year warranty for all its products. You can rely on effective and affordable after-sales service by contacting us for technical questions through the contact form of the site.

Gerkand products are in compliance with EU regulations, CE certified, and have high energy coefficient to make your home energy-efficient. In addition, the end-user will be able to benefit from a tax credit.

We have based our product development on the principle of reliability in order to meet the requirements of our customers. We pay special attention to our customers’ opinions and their satisfaction, so we have a service department for both professionals and individuals.

Fireplace inserts and claddings production

Many things, which were almost forgotten, have come back to the everyday lives of people, but, naturally, at the technical level of the modern-day times. This is absolutely true in relation to fireplaces, which in their modern versions have little in common with the open fireplaces from the historic past, except the fuel- they are using wood. Contemporary closed fireplaces can successfully perform the functions of heating appliances with which you could for a short time provide warmth not only in the premise where the fireplace is located but also in adjacent premises on the same floor and in the ones located upstairs and downstairs. The construction of each fireplace has its own specifics and depends on a variety of factors: the type of fireplace (corner, frontally mounted onto a wall or located in the center of the premise), the chimney location, the path of external air for burning, the discharge of the heated air around the metal casing into the same premise or adjacent premises, water jacket with heaters, etc. There are various options for building the surrounding of the area around the metal body: solid masonry with decorated painting, coatings of marble or other stone in various shapes and performance, coatings from decorative tiles, prefabricated structures from decorative metal sheets or gypsum board tiles. The variety of fireplace models and methods for their construction is so great that there is a customized solution for each particular case.



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