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European manufacturer of fireplaces, fireboxes, stoves and barbecue since 1990

Heating Gerkand

When we talk about heat and fire in their more beautiful shape, the certified quality of “Gerkand” Ltd is the right choice. Our brand is known for the production of  fireplaces, fireboxes and original coatings depending of the interior and your preferences. We also offer ready-to-use solutions like wood and pellet stoves in different colors, shapes and sizes so that you have another efficient and clean solution for heating your home.

Each firebox will be finished if you select a designer liner from Gerkand.

Each fireplace insert will be finished with a designer facing by Gerkand.

Pellet heating is an innovative step towards preserving the good ecological environment and Gerkand designers follow this trend.

Gerkand Ltd. is a qualified manufacturer of specialized and domestic types of barbecue.

GERKAND heating appliances are characterized by their clean design, efficiency, functionality, high quality materials, precise workmanship and last but not least competitive prices that meet the highest quality standards.

Ideas and experience

For energy efficiency

Fireboxes are available in different versions:

  • Basic model
  • With a water heater
  • With an air jacket

The rated power of the fireboxes is 9 to 26 kW, which allows for space heating up to 400 m3.
The stoves combine form and purpose. The rich variety of models covers both the modern and classic tastes of our users thanks to the years of expertise. The rated power of this type of stove is from 5 to 15 KW.

GERKAND offers to its customers heating appliances with water heater and air jacket for heating with solid fuel, as well as a wide selection of designer linings from natural materials. The design is done entirely according to the client’s wishes and the possibilities of the room in order to achieve individuality and coziness for every home.

What do you get?

100% compliance with quality standards

All Gerkand heaters meet the European safety and quality regulations.

® Own cast-iron foundry

The cast iron with which we create our products is poured into the Gerkand factory.

3 years warranty

All Gerkand products have a warranty of 3 years

High quality materials

Elegant product design

CPA over 70% lower cost

Certified safe use

Easy operation

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