Water jacket fireplace stove Despina

Despina has a sleek and elegant design. The opening at the top allows better heat generation. In the lower part you will find a wood storage compartment. The stove has a steel body, a hearth with chamotte bricks and a cast iron grate. Despina is another high quality product at an affordable price.

Heat exchanger volume 19 litres.

Technical information

Nominal power in kW12
Maximum power in kW16
Boiler nominal power in kW8
Overall Dimensions (L x P x H) mm540x530x1085
Weight (kg)105
Efficiency (%)74
Hearth dimension (L x P x H) mm333x360x224
Glass dimension ( L/H ) mm270х195х4
Smoke exit positionUp
Chimney (mm)130
Maximum log size (mm)400
Finishing materials / thickness (mm)Steel, 1 mm
Materials of combustion chamberChamotte bricks
Type of cast ironGray Cast iron
Thickness of cast iron (mm)From 8 to 20
Gasket sealing materialsISO GLASS
Glass resistance and typeCeramic – 750°C
Surface coatingHeat resistance to 600°C
Type of doorSteel
Type of handleSteel
Emissions of CO (%)0,25
Exhaust temperature275°C
Mass flow of smoke (g/s)9,25
Dust concentration discarded in 13% СО2>46,4 mg/m³
Wood consumption (kg/h)4,0
Minimum distance to adjacent materials: rear / side / front / down (mm)500 / 400 / 800 / —
Depression chimney required12 Pa
StandardEN 13240
Volume of the water jacket (in liters)19
Optimal operating temperature60°С
Water jacket leads (ø)1 ″

Product Benefits

  • Elegant design

  • Removable ashtray

  • Log storage area

  • Cast iron grid

  • Maximum log size 30 cm


  • 3 years warranty
  • Hand welded seams and assemblies
  • Cast iron foundry into the Gerkand factory
  • Business and individual high value service

Product variations

Despina fireplace stove with water jacket is also available in the following version:

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