Maxi 2 firebox with air jacket

Maxi 2 is a built in brick, steel and cast iron firebox with a nominal power of the air jacket of 18 kW. Like the Maxi1, the Maxi 2 features panoramic, high-quality, heat-resistant glass, but with a more compact size of 850 x 530 mm. To clean the glass, the door is equipped with a mechanism that pushes the glass forward.

Technical information

Nominal power in kW23
Maximum power in kW28
Air jacket nominal power in kW18
Overall dimensions (mm)870 x 460 x 1280
Weight (kg)200
Efficiency (%)63
Hearth Dimension (L x P x H) mm780 x 350 x 400
Glass dimension ( L/H ) mm850 х 530 х 5
Smoke exit positionUp
Chimney (mm)200
Maximum log size (mm)580
Finishing materials / thickness (mm)Cast iron and vermiculite
Type of cast ironGray Cast iron
Thickness of cast iron (mm)From 8 to 15 mm
Gasket sealing materialsISO GLASS
Glass resistance and typeCeramic 750°C
Surface coatingHeat resistance to 600°C
Type of doorRolling from steel
Type of handleInox
Emissions of CO (%)0.35
Exhaust temperature380°C
Mass flow of smoke (g/s)25,12
Dust concentration discarded in 13% СО2>59,47 mg/Nm³
Wood consumption (kg/h)6,50
Minimum distance to adjacent materials: rear / side / front / down (mm)200 / 200 / 1200 /400
Depression chimney required12 Pa
StandardEN 13229
Air flow850 m3/h
Fan powerMin 80w/h max 120w/h
Number of nozzles6 on the upper side
Air duct diameter100 mm

Product Benefits

  • panoramic glass 850 x 530 mm
  • sliding up door
  • falling glass mechanism
  • nominal power of the air jacket 18 kW


  • 3 years warranty
  • Hand welded seams and assemblies
  • Cast iron foundry into the Gerkand factory
  • Business and individual high value service

Product variations

The fireplace insert with air jacket Maxi 2 is also available in the following versions:

  • Maxi 2 double-face

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