GK 13 fireplace insert

The GK13 firebox has a clean design and is made of steel and cast iron, cast in Gerkand. With its nominal power of 16 kW, the GK13 offers comfort and warmth at an affordable price. It can be made in single or double-faced version, and high-quality heat-resistant glass allows you to enjoy touch with live fire.

Technical information

Nominal power in kW16
Maximum power in kW20
Overall dimensions (mm)695 x 450 x 720
Weight (kg)125
Efficiency (%)73
Hearth Dimension (L x P x H) mm630 x 300 x 370
Glass dimension ( L/H ) mm595 х 370 х 4
Smoke exit positionUp
Chimney (mm)180
Maximum log size (mm)580
Finishing materials / thickness (mm)Steel, 4mm and cast iron
Type of cast ironGray Cast iron
Thickness of cast iron (mm)From 5 to 12 mm
Gasket sealing materialsISO GLASS
Glass resistance and typeCeramic 750°C
Surface coatingHeat resistance to 600°C
Type of doorcast iron
Type of handlecast iron
Emissions of CO (%)0.22
Exhaust temperature300 C
Mass flow of smoke (g/s)11,9
Dust concentration discarded in 13% СО2>57,4 mg/m³
Wood consumption (kg/h)5
Minimum distance to adjacent materials: rear / side / front / down (mm)200 / 200 / 1200 /400
Depression chimney required12 Pa
StandardEN 13229

Product Benefits

  • heat resistant glass
  • Easy to use
  • maximum power of 20 kW


  • 3 years warranty
  • Hand welded seams and assemblies
  • Cast iron foundry into the Gerkand factory
  • Business and individual high value service

Product variations

GK 13 firebox is also available in the following version:

  • Double sided version

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