Barbecue Chef

The barbecue “Chef” has a cast-iron fire grill, which allows the use of not only charcoal but also wood. Cast iron lattice and solid grills for baking, a guarantee of long life and excellent results. Allows its use in a professional kitchen with aspiration, as well as an outdoor barbecue.


Technical information

Dimensions (L x P x H)710/490/200
Weight (kg)45
Finishing materials / thickness (mm)Steel, 4 mm
Grill materialsCast iron
Type of cast ironFGL200
Thickness of cast iron (mm)From 5 to 12 mm
Surface coatingHeat resistance to 600°C

Product advantages

  • Functionality
  • Cast iron grills
  • Allows the use of wood and charcoal


  • 3 years warranty
  • Hand welded seams and assemblies
  • Cast iron foundry into the Gerkand factory
  • Business and individual high value service


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