Fireplace claddings

Many things, which were almost forgotten, have come back to the everyday lives of people, but, naturally, at the technical level of the modern-day times. This is absolutely true in relation to fireplaces, which in their modern versions have little in common with the open fireplaces from the historic past, except the fuel- they are using wood. Contemporary closed fireplaces can successfully perform the functions of heating appliances with which you could for a short time provide warmth not only in the premise where the fireplace is located but also in adjacent premises on the same floor and in the ones located upstairs and downstairs. The construction of each fireplace has its own specifics and depends on a variety of factors: the type of fireplace (corner, frontally mounted onto a wall or located in the center of the premise), the chimney location, the path of external air for burning, the discharge of the heated air around the metal casing into the same premise or adjacent premises, water jacket with heaters, etc. There are various options for building the surrounding of the area around the metal body: solid masonry with decorated painting, coatings of marble or other stone in various shapes and performance, coatings from decorative tiles, prefabricated structures from decorative metal sheets or gypsum board tiles. The variety of fireplace models and methods for their construction is so great that there is a customized solution for each particular case.

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